The Rowe's . Cypress, Texas Wedding Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I had the most fun photographing one of my former student/athlete's wedding. I was super pumped when Lauren asked me to do the honor's! From the day of the wedding, right thru to the reception, I don't think I wiped the smile from my face...well, except when a not-so-nice lady informed me that there was to not be ONE picture snapped during the reception. This was not what I was told initially, so it was a little nerve racking. We made it work, and still managed to have a great time. These are just a few from that fun day. Many more to come soon.

First...A few of the details.

 It's a good thing Lauren had these on her feet...I seriously wanted to hijack them!

Love me some ring shots!

Fun toes!

Sweet Mother In Law Moment..a monogrammed handkerchief 

The boys...

Beautiful bride!

Getting a pep talk from mom before it's his time to shine!

Party Time!

The boys stepping in when the DJ jacked up the first dance!

The awesome exit!

They're whooped!