Brad & Michael . Cypress, Texas Senior Photographer

Oh, these boys. What fun we had at their shoot last week {I managed to end up in a patch of poison ivy and a pile of fire ants}. The fire ants had a great meal, but apparently I'm not that allergic to poison ivy, because I didn't get the rash...HALLELUJAH!

 These two boys both played their tails off for the Cypress Woods offensive line last season. It was a great season, and I was blessed enough to watch them play every Friday/Saturday night. Unfortunately, Joe didn't get to come with us to the shoot to keep them in line. I kid, I kid...these two guys are great role models and work with the kids at our church.

My 2012 boys have been on top of their game this year...They need to have a chat with the ladies to take care of business. :)

Here are a few from their shoot...can't wait to edit the rest.

We'll start with Bradley.

It's Michael's turn!

Now, for the best friends together...