What to Wear - 2011 Fall Edition

One of the most asked questions this time of year is, "Kristy, what should we wear for our pictures?!" I always try to have some up-to-date What to Wear images to give y'all some ideas! One thing I like to stay away from is 'matchy matchy'. Same color scheme, yes...same exact colors for shirts, not so much. Why? If we're all wearing a white or black shirt and we huddle up to take a picture, it gets hard to determine where one person starts and the other stops. Add light layers, cute accessories, and a few punches of a bright color to break it up. I'm definitely not the most fashion forward girl on the block, but I can easily tell someone else what to wear...I'm bossy like that. :)

In no way is this something for you to follow exactly, just a good guide on how to break up different color schemes. Need ideas for some other great colors? Look for Grey/Yellow, Jewel Tone colors, pull colors out of a plaid shirt, and the list goes on!