Cy Fair Seniors! 2014: It's Your Turn!

It's no secret...seniors are usually my favorite sessions? Why, you might ask? Well, because I spend 2/3 of my year teaching them in the getting to spend some time outside the classroom and let them be themselves pretty much makes my day. Listening to their ideas and what they want for their shoot is usually a blast!

This video is several of our 2013 seniors that are moving on up to bigger and better things. This is also a call-to-action for the 2014 seniors. It's your turn. Book these sessions before the craziness of school starts! Don't say I didn't warn you...the craziness is going to be here before you know it! Enjoy!

Want to learn more about our Senior Packages and how Owens' Originals treats seniors? Check this out:



         By Kristy Owens                    
         22 pages, published 5/24/2013        
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