{Fall Favorites! 2012}

Ask any photographer around, and they'll tell you from September thru November, you are as busy as an accountant during tax season. I'm currently backed up 6 sessions in editing, which makes for some long nights...especially since this isn't my full time job...remember, I have 16, 17, & 18 year olds tugging on me at school too. :) You're about to scroll thru some of my 2012 Fall favorite images, and there will be more to come. I have been horrible about blogging each session, so here goes nothin'! {these are in no particular order, just the random order that blogger threw them in} :)

Love this mama and her sweet kids...

Can't wait to shoot Miss Mattie's senior pics later this year...

An all time favorite contender...


How cute are these two?

One of our favorite coaching families!

It's been a Fall full of babies!

Sweetest family...

4 years and counting...love this family!

Love me some Lumberjacks & their boots!

Couldn't decide which I liked better!

A rare appearance of my two {on the outsides} with their sweet friends...

Another fabulous coaching family!

Gasp...love this one!

Precious Parker is two!

Oh, the Socha boys...LOVE them!

This is one of our favorite COF families!

You made it to the end! I'm proud of ya! Stay tuned for more sessions, and some new year updates!