Welcome Back!

I think I almost forgot my password to log into the blog...yes, it's been that long! I'm finally sitting down, at my new computer, and trying to blog some of my latest images! It'd take three days to sit down and blog each session! SO, I'm just going to put some of my favorites from this summer! We have had an amazing summer with awesome trips to Illinois, Inks Lake, and Kerrville....and tons of trips to the pool. Daddy heads back to coaching on Monday, so we're trying to soak up our last few days around here as a family of 4. If you know Texas High School football, then you know he'll be living in the field house until December {hopefully}. Moving on to the pictures, that's why you're here, right?!

Sweet Cora and her family

Miss Elle and her mommy

My two...one of my new favorites of them!

Miss Harper turned 1!

My cousins in Illinois!

Mr. Mack and his family

Nicole and Tony are getting married in August!

Stormi & Chad got married in May!

 There ya have it! I'm sure some got left out, but this is me promising to do a better job of blogging! Have a great weekend!