Well, hello photo blog. My apologies for neglecting you! You see, this little photo business is blossoming and with a full time teaching job you have gotten neglected. I'm going to try and fix that! The Marks' family is going to kick off 'Welcome Back to the Blog'!

There really aren't words to describe this family. Shannon {Lane's mommy}, is one of my sister's. I have LOTS of family, not all blood, but that doesn't matter! We spend Holidays together, we text almost every day, we know deep dark secrets, you name it. A little over a year ago, Shannon and Shane got married. Within one month, Shane shipped off to Korea with the Army. He got to come home for 20 days when Lane was born in May {remember this?}, and then had to go back when Lane was just a couple of weeks old. Friday evening, Shane came home and this morning they rolled out bright and early for Fort Lewis in Washington. We met last night for one last photo shoot. We then headed over to Brother's Pizza, and bawled our eyes out when it was time to leave. I'm losing my walking partner, my sushi date, my pool buddy, and a sister...but, Shannon is starting the best adventure that any of us could have ever prayed for. She has the man of her dreams, and the sweetest baby. She is learning the ropes of being a military wife, and I can't wait to see what awesome things God provides for the Marks family!

Sweet family!

My God son, Lane...can you handle that cuteness? I can't!

I'm going to miss that face!

SO in love.

LOVE me some sun flare!

Marks, I miss you already. It's never goodbye, I'll see y'all later!