Adriana . Cypress, TX Senior Photographer

Meet Adriana. She may only be 4'11" but don't let that fool you. I get the pleasure of teaching Adriana {AD, as we like to call her} everyday...and her personality is not small! She is tons of fun, but a beautiful, down to earth young lady. If only I could have a class full of AD's. Collin is lucky enough to get to sit by AD...she keeps him in line! We had a good time last night, wondering around Tomball and even knocking on someone's door to use their paid off, because those are my favorites! See?!

Don't worry that while I was taking these, something was wondering thru the bushes...
I may or may not have been shaking like a little baby...oh, and it was a bunny rabbit.

I asked her to be serious...clearly AD is too happy to be serious!

Someone had written this on the street already...we felt like we should put it to good use!
We can't take the credit for someone else's cute idea. Thank you to whoever you are! :)

We finished up with AD in her prom dress. The light was beautiful! I am hanging on to those to surprise AD...probably because she won't think they looked very good. Why you might ask? Seniors, take note...don't eat something off of a taco truck before your will come back to haunt you. Just ask AD. Sorry, AD...the story had to be told! :) I'm off to go get a barf bag for AD's desk...I told her she wouldn't get to live it down.