On this blog, I rarely get to share my family (here's our family blog)...I am usually too far behind to ever catch up. Well, before a new round of shoots comes my way this week, I wanted to share! Trey is 5 and Emery will be 3 in July. Trey has finally come around and understands when I want to take nice pictures of him, so he complies. Emery on the otherhand...not so much. She is a mess. The pictures will tell the story! :)

He's getting too big, too fast.
I'm dragging my feet to go pick up his kindergarten registration packet!

Makes me smile.

He is ALL boy.

Emery on the otherhand...ALL girl.


100% Daddy's girl

Stay tuned for some sneak peeks next week. T minus two and a half days until Spring Break!!!!