{From 3 to 5}

I got to go back out and visit with this awesome family this morning. You may remember the boys making their debut on the blog last month...This is probably my favorite part of this job, getting to see families grow and witness all of the firsts and fun times together. Mom had the idea for a shoot with pajamas and I think it was a great idea! Enjoy the sneak peek and hopefully this isn't the last you'll see of this great family on the blog.

Daddy time...

Hanging out with mom...


Here's one of my new all time favorites!


Jenn said...


YOU ARE AWESOME! I LOVE these and am soooo impressed!!! I cannot wait for the rest of them :)
Thank you SO much for taking your time during this busy time of year for our pictures!
Oh, and you definitely are NOT done with us! We plan on having you for many, many years to come!!!! You are wonderful!!!
Love, Jenn