Mom & Madelyn. Sneak Peek.

Oh,I could do shoots like this every day. Going over to a friends house, riding along, and just having fun. There was no hassle, no melt downs, just sweet faces. See?!

This family has a special place in our hearts. They invited us to the church we now call home. They invited us into a small group that we love. Mom and I manage to make it thru many-a-football seasons together. You don't find friends like that very often.

And, well...Miss Madelyn, she keeps Trey in line. They are fun to watch together. Trey thinks Miss Madelyn is a 'pretty girl'. He said so himself. I tend to agree. Don't you?

What a way to get my Thanksgiving week started! I don't want to talk about the fact I have to go to school tomorrow!

I hope you like your sneak peek Mom!


Steph said...

Oh I love my sneak peek! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon and your sweet friendship! Can't wait to see the rest!

Steph said...
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