...Sneak Peek...Bruise?

What bruise? Do you see one? I don't. Good, we like it that way! :) Meet Mr. Carson. He's handsome, don't ya think? We're just lucky the mosquitos didn't eat us alive. No, seriously...there were mosquitos out today that were the size of a bird. Got that? Forget hand sanitizer and go get yourself some OFF for this spring season! Enjoy! Lots more pictures to work on...good night! :)

Such a sweet family! Thanks for braving the skeeters with me!


Callie said...

oh my word! I LOVE these two pictures!!! Can't wait to see the rest! And check out my blog and see what Carson looks like this morning!!! OUCH!

Ashley McWhorter said...

These are great, Kristy! Callie and I have had a life long friendship since kindergarten! Love this family!