:: Sneak Peak - The 'P' Family ::

My first official clients! Does it count if you've known one of them since you were five? :) Love ya Tam! Happy Birthday! Seeing as how I had over 500 pictures on my camera, it was hard to pick out just 3 for a quick post tonight...Enjoy. More to come later!


TammyP said...

We loved spending time with the Owens crew this weekend and seeing you twice in 2 months has been so much fun for me!
Thank you for the wonderful pictures, that face....it makes my heart melt!
This is the first of many Family P photo shoots....Can I get you for the weekend after May 13th? Luke's 1st Birthday. Erica and I already said that we are going to try to flood you with work...you will see :)
Big hugs to your beautiful family.
I love you,